Once you’ve approved your design contract, we’re ready to begin. A typical sequence would be:

  1. I create a Houzz Ideabook (or Pinterest Board) where we can efficiently share photos of things that might really work in your space. This could include plants, hardscape, accessories, general layout plans or styles- anything that helps us communicate what we’re thinking.
  2. I’ll create a first draft of a plan for your space. This would indicate a layout for the space and general elements without being too specific. We’ll get together and review this draft in the early stages.
  3. After our meeting, I’ll make revisions and then we’ll get together for a second time. At this point we will be very close to what you’d like to build and can talk about budgets.
  4. Finally, we’ll fine-tune the plan to reflect exact layout, materials and tasks so you’re ready to build.