Why is your business called blue house gardens?

Because I work from home and my house is blue. I went for the easy choice.


How much does a design cost?

Every project is different.

Don’t you hate it when you get that kind of answer?! Well, each project is unique, but designs start at $800. There’s a minimum amount of time and effort that goes into a product, even when a client feels they just need “something really simple.”


How much does a typical landscape installation cost?

Impossible to answer, but I’ll try.

When you have a professional installation you’re paying for labor, materials, maybe permit fees, project management, and sometimes things like an extra fee for difficult-to-access sites. A small project might start in the neighborhood of $10,000 if it’s mostly plants or a small patio, for example. My typical projects seem to be in the $25,000-$100,000 range. I tell you this because, as a homeowner, it makes me nuts when I don’t have the faintest idea what things cost and nobody wants to talk about it.

NOTE: Your installation company will determine your project costs. This is just a very general answer to one of the most frequently asked Frequently Asked Questions.