Winter Jasmine Brightens My Run

Winter Jasmine Brightens My Run

I was running down the Custis Trail yesterday and saw all this Winter Jasmine hanging along the retaining wall- lovely! Native to China, this is a wonderful early winter bloomer, suggestive of forsythia to come a little later.


Photo of Ivy on HouseI felt like I was receivingĀ a blessing when I passed this Georgetown home! What a gorgeous way to add greenery when your front garden is only 10′ deep.

Winter Rose, aka Helleborus

One of the hardiest, prettiest, most deer-resistant winter plants for our region.

Hellebores from White Flower Farm

Happy New Year!

Winter is in full swing here in the DC area. It won’t be long until we’re seeing the bold yellow of forsythia!

Forsythia image
Forsythia blooms