The first step on our design journey is the on-site consultation where we talk patios, walkways, plants, water… whatever’s on your mind.

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The fun begins! We start at a high-level concept and then refine our ideas until we have a buildable plan that meets our budget.

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Project Management

Our ultimate goal is to make your plan a reality. I help you find your landscape company and manage your installation process.

Design your own patio!

Arlington Residents! Do you enjoy planning your own home improvements? Join me to design a custom patio for your house through Arlington Community Learning. (March 5 & 12, 2020)

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Fun Facts About Sweetbay Magnolias

Did you know Arlington County is giving away trees, including one of my favorites, our native Magnolia virginiana, aka the Sweetbay Magnolia?

1They support Tiger Swallowtail Butterflies and other native insects.
2They tolerate swampy conditions and are excellent for stormwater garden solutions.
3They typically reach ~20' high in home gardens.
4They were nicknamed 'Beaver Trees' by early colonists because beavers couldn't resist their tasty roots.