A little about me…

I started my professional life in biochemistry (cow hearts, horse livers, anti-HIV drugs- I can have a shallow conversation on a lot of topics!). Then a great experience with an interior decorator opened my eyes to the wonderful world of design. I completed the George Washington University Landscape Design program in 2008 and never looked back.

I stay current through my professional membership in the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). I currently serve as the Vice President of our local chapter, where our emphasis is on building community and providing continuing education for our members.

I’ve recently had the opportunity to become a Level 2 Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional through the CBLP program. It’s always my intention to challenge myself and what I think I know about best practices- those ideas behind the design that make it function in the best way possible for you and our larger community.

When I’m not designing, you might bump into me out running, at a spin class, a PTA meeting, or outside weeding my garden. More likely, though, I’m hiding somewhere with my nose in a book.

I’m based in Arlington, VA, and work around the DC metro area, providing landscape design and project management services. Maybe in 2020 one of those projects will be with you! ~Maureen

I’ll get to it this winter. ~Every landscape designer, every single year